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Fundraising for 2020

Djurhemmet Tassebo

Djurhemmet Tassebo was started in 1984 by Birgitta Modig-Annerfjeld and Leif Annerfjeld, among others, and was the first animal shelter in the city.

Tassebo is located in a property at Kungshult in northern Helsingborg and is run by the Djurhemmet Tassebo Foundation. It is a non-profit organisation that is dependent on donations from private individuals as there is no support from the government or municipality.

There is a high workload and about 70 cats live on the premises, even though they only have the capacity for 50 cats. Extra spaces are provided by means of Tassebo’s friends who provide foster homes for cats while they wait for their forever home.

The cat shelter has been featured often on local TV, radio and in newspapers. It was also prominently featured in a section of the SVT series Animal Hospital.