Pets and Wildlife Society

Pets and Wildlife Society (PAWS) is a self-owned association with the sole aim of raising money for animal charities in the UK and Sweden.


Each year I perform one or more events to raise money for a named charity, animal shelter or veterinary surgery that provides free healthcare to animals.


All money is donated directly to the named charities and does not pass through me. That was all money goes directly to where it is needed.

Fundraising Walk 2021

On 1st May 2121, I will walk 45 km from Copenhagen to Helsingör to raise funds for animal charities in Sweden and England that are yet to be decided.



2020 – Malmö to Helsingborg (75 km)

in Sweden

Djurhemmet Tassebo – 9.850kr (estimated)

in England


I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the following.