A (Very) Concise Biography

Hello and thank you for stopping by my website!

My name is Graham and I was born in an area of south London called Southwark.

Southwark is the borough of London that has London Bridge, Waterloo Station, The Shard, The Globe Theatre and a lot more. It’s also the area where the majority of stories by Charles Dickens was set

I grew up and lived in different areas of south London, such as Battersea, Clapham, and Wimbledon, my whole life until I decided to move to Sweden.

In September 2000, after visiting the country for 16 times, I moved to Sweden. I first settled in a suburb of Stockholm called Täby where I lived for 3 years before moving to Jakobsberg for 5 years. Finally, I moved to Upplands Väsby where I lived for 2 years before moving south to Skåne.

Since I moved from Stockholm to Skåne I have lived in Helsingborg. At first, I lived in the Ättekulla area then to Ringstorp before settling in Tågaborg for 8 years. I currently live in Ringstorp once again.